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The Fantasy World of J. Rose

J. Rose
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Pen Name: J. Rose
Real Name: Emi Wolf
Age: 19
Gender: Female

What made you start writing?: This will give everyone a good laugh, but the show Wishbone was what actually got me writing. I saw an episode where they were supposed to write a poem for their class, and one of the characters was having trouble with it. It ended up going into the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, and I remembed sitting there thinking that I could write a poem. After that, I ran around my father's softball games writing poems while he was playing. Years later, I was on a website where we could post our work. Everyone liked my poetry and I loved the attention (come on, I was 12). But then my friend started writing poetry and getting more attention, so I decided to go to the next step and write a story (there you go, Anna. You made me into the author I am today. Be proud.). Now I don't write for the attention or mere recognition. I've grown and have come to the point where I write because it's a passion. I have so many stories and tales building up in my mind. I want people to experience the adventure with me.

What made you choose the pen name you have?: When I was 11, my cousin Sara and I started playing a game that was based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In fact, we split up the characters and played out scenes. Eventually, we moved on from the original characters and started making our own. There is one character that always has a high place in my heart. He's Jake from Darkness. It's funny, because when we were picking a name for him, I didn't want to name him Jake at all. But I got used to it, and now I can't picture him any other way.

Well, anyway. Jake's full name is Jacob Rosenberg. In Darkness, he is a very artistic person and writes books on the adventures they have had. He didn't want his family knowing at first, so he came up with the pen name of J. Rose. Since then, the name has become my own. The minute I thought of it, it took its place in my life.

I do love the questioning looks I get when people ask me what the J stands for, though. Haha.